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Why Putting-on-Track career planning?

I used to wonder why people would come to me for career counseling when there are so many others in the job market providing the same service. When I started asking for feedback from people who contacted me at random based on my LinkedIn activity and posts, this is how I summarized the responses:
  • I am well-positioned to flourish as a trusted career advisor, having had a successful career encompassing critical roles in talent acquisition and management.
  • My experience includes technology, telecommunications, healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, education, the United Nations, and WHO
  • My previous experience includes overseeing the hiring process for well-known companies such as Microsoft, Telus, Amazon, and Emirates Airlines, where I perfected the skill of spotting extraordinary people across worldwide markets. Using my training in I/O psychology, I have regularly placed candidates in roles that match not only their talents but also their aspirations, values, and behavioral characteristics.
  • My dedication to the candidate experience, developed as a full-cycle talent partner and a mentor for job search and career pivoting, ensures that I can assist individuals not just in getting positions but also in navigating their career trajectories.
  • By combining a deep understanding of talent dynamics with vast experience, strategic insight, and a commitment to building diverse and inclusive workplaces, I am a compelling choice not just as a career advisor but also as a career pivoting specialist.
In fact, I don't want to be known as a career counselor (it sounds very directive!). I'm a Career Advancement Partner because #weinthistogether!!
Send me an email to book a 15-minutes free call at:  
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